Let’s get started here. These are the Special forces. More than 17 countries that clean up the tunnel systems. These brave super soldiers are not seen in mainstream media. That’s correct.

The pedal Nazis hunters. No one who has participated in war crimes and crimes against humanity will survive. Dr. Oz was a heart surgeon for 40 years before the TV gig Zelensky equals odds. And then he shows you the father, the wife, the daughter.

Did Trump put Dr. Oz and the Johnson together at Omar Navarro portrayed by Greeno John Durham, Eric T. Kirk this is the result when you shame people for loving their own people. Race, culture, country, history, tribe, nation, folk, ethnicity. I said shame, shame.

Shame on you if you can’t. This is the symptom when the demoralization takes hold.

And this is the tribe working to achieve demoralization in today’s society. All those corrupt Zuckerberg, Rothschild, Rockefeller Spiegelberg. Barbara Iger Murdoch Greenspan. Soros this goes on and on. All right.

We will never forget. We will all remember the most precious possession you have in the world is your own people. For this people, for the sake of the people, we will struggle and fight and never slack and never tire. Never lose courage and never lose faith. Amen.

We know what you did. We know what you are doing. We are growing stronger and stronger day by day. His work cannot be hidden. That’s right.

God. Family, country.

All right.

Look to the sky. Worldwide. We are not done yet. This is only the beginning. St.

Durham in court today. That’s right. Yesterday it started the fine blood. Those who were blind to see. Those who are lame or walking.

Those who were dead or alive. Whoever has ears, let them hear. We are Israel. Those who know. Keep quiet.

All eyes on the sun, the moon, the Holy Spirit. Pray nothing can stop what’s coming. God speed. Amen. Yes, that’s right.


God Son, Holy Spirit. All right. The sacred blue tent channel going back into the history right there. People could often tell me I could be a great man. I’d rather be a good man.

John Kennedy Raw News. As is working on something urgent, but this has flagged me. So just passing on the message have not verified. All right. Remember what we always say.

Do your own research. Come to your own conclusions.

As above. So below operators in harm’s way. The father wanted to play games in 3D land. Question Mark suffering comes wisdom. Question Mark couldn’t go out in public without him sending people running and shouting.

Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with him? I know they asked if I would make one more sacrifice. I said no. I know this and just wanted to say I’m sorry my life, but I did it anyway because I love you. You saw what happened.

Distracted by the Antichrist. Antichrist is smart. He prepared for that attack. The Wolves kidnapped Dopey in the bathroom with Snow White. The Wolves are after my blood.

Our blood.

John McAfee has tons of evidence on a ton of people too. It’s all coming down. They’ve all arrested millions of people worldwide. Over 500,000 in the US, millions worldwide.

Nine. This is coming from McAfee. Everyone is asking where is the Hunter? But really question should be where is Jared Netanyahu. It has steadily gone up since the 80s.

It’s way undervalued. Some sources. Finance people have said silver could go up as much as 500% within the next few years. So the stock market is so unstable. Got some more information on that.

If you watch it daily, you know it. Many finance people have said if you don’t have the stocks or bonds physically, then you don’t have anything. Bitcoin goes down. It came up today to 30. I think it was 29 yesterday and then all time high was 60, 62, 60, something like that.

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So it’s on its way down. But if you own physical gold and silver, it will never lose its value. It’ll go up, down a few dollars and stuff. But if you look up the charts and the numbers on it, you will see that it has steadily rose since the 80s. Way undervalued and invest in physical gold and silver and precious metals.

So the link is www. Dot sherrylike school.com. All the links are under my Bitshoot channel. Bitshoot.com Sherryray. And then here’s the Tesla bio healers.

I use two every day. They have the adult bio healers that I use. They have the big generators that go underneath or beside the bed and then they have some for children. She was on the big generators on the Med bed for six days. My heart is as light as a feather.

All assets deployed, stage set worldwide. How do you show the world the way, the word, the truth. They don’t believe it when you tell them. So it’s got to be final countdown. Taking back what is mine.

You were chosen. The future is ours.

Air Force Special Command flies at night. Yeah. There’s tons of stuff going on behind the scenes constantly. That is the delay. There’s still a lot of things.

Military intel has told us that there’s still a lot of things behind the scenes that have to be resolved.

All the dumb need to be destroyed. Tons of stuff going on behind the scenes, because the more that they work and deal with stuff, the more that they find. And the deep state rats continue to rear their ugly head. Wacka mole time. So Monkey works if you want to check that out.


He follows the planes and all that around the world, really, the US and the world. And you can check it out. It was very busy with air fuelers, but tonight it’s heavy concentration on the East Coast of AC 130s. We get the C 17s. It’s booming on the East Coast from military perspective.

All right. And if you want to watch the weather and the weather warfare. You can check out Mike Morales on YouTube, too. Okay. Do you all know the expression altered?

You have got to be kidding me. Neighborhood Street Party Sunday, June 5, 2022 I just overheard something on the television. This nonsense to be broadcast. They could not agree if it was last night or tonight. No live pictures.

Only these eight pictures.

She outshine Tom Cruise.

Okay, I believe she’s actually shrinking. I believe this is done on purpose. As in the UK. They believe it’s her cloned. Facts.

These clones are coming out now and cannot replicate the original person. A proper cloning and successful deception can be achieved by keeping the original alive. In case of Hollywood, some actors are prison. This is a result. Yes.

I knew people that cloned horses years ago. They’ve been doing it for a long time. You just didn’t hear about it.

You do now. All right, Macabee Seven Wayne Willett hinted that it’s the new home of Q. I don’t know, because I have military intel. Right me about Q 38. Com before the Storm 11.4 Legal position of Occupying Power Q 401 US Military Savior of Mankind Q posted green Owl.

Green means go. Owl equals White House. And then official Mccavy Q column before the storm. That was in 2017 like clockwork. Eleven point 44 point 11.4.

1st marker confirmed. Second marker confirmed again three times. Israel and Route.