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HSC Result 2023 Marksheet (নাম্বার সহ রেজাল্ট দেখুন) HSC All Board

It’s that time of the year again when students eagerly await the results of their hard work and determination. The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination is one of the most crucial examinations for students in Bangladesh as it determines their future educational and career path. The HSC Result 2023 is expected to be published on 8 February and students, as well as their families, are on edge with anticipation.

Are you a student who is eagerly waiting for the HSC Result 2023? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a look at what the HSC Result is, when it will be released, and how you can access it. Whether you’re a student, parent, or just someone who is interested in education, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the HSC Result 2023

What is HSC?
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) is the secondary level examination for students in Bangladesh. It is conducted by the Education Board of Bangladesh and is the equivalent of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in the United Kingdom. The HSC examination is usually taken by students at the end of their 12th-grade education and covers a wide range of subjects including Bangla, English, mathematics, science, and humanities.

When will HSC Result 2023 be published?
In the past, the results have been released within 60 days of the completion of the exams, so students and parents can expect the results to be released around this time.

The Higher Secondary Certificate examination 2023 publication date was announced on Sunday (29 January) by Tapan Kumar Sarkar who is Convener of the Inter-Education Board Coordination Committee and Dhaka Education Board Chairman. Results of the HSC examination 2023 will be released on 8 February.

How to Check HSC Result 2023 from official website?

As a student in Bangladesh, it is an exciting time when you have completed your Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams and are eagerly waiting for the results. The process of checking the results is straightforward and simple. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to check your HSC results online.

Step 1: Visit the Education Board Results Website

The first step in checking your HSC results is to visit the official website of the education board, This website is the only authorized source for checking HSC results in Bangladesh.

Step 2: Select the Examination Type

On the homepage, you will see an option for “Examination” From the dropdown menu, select “HSC/Alim“. This option indicates that you are checking your HSC results.

Step 3: Choose the Year

Next, select the year in which you took your HSC exams. For the year 2023, select “2023” from the “Year” option.

Step 4: Select Your Education Board

To get your HSC results, you also need to select your education board. The options available include Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Jessore, Barisal, Comilla, and Dinajpur. Choose the board under which you took your exams.

Step 5: Enter Your HSC Roll Number

In the “Roll” option, carefully enter your HSC Roll Number. This number is unique to each student and is used to identify you in the database.

Step 6: Enter Your HSC Exam Registration Number

In the “Reg: No” option, enter your HSC Exam Registration Number. This number is also used to identify you in the database and is provided to you when you register for the exams.

Step 7: Solve the Captcha

To verify that you are a human and not a computer program, you need to solve a simple numeric captcha. This could be a simple arithmetic problem, such as 7 + 2 = 9.

Step 8: Submit and Check Your HSC Results

Finally, review all the information you have entered and press the “SUBMIT” button. Once you have submitted your information, you will be able to see your HSC results on the screen.

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Tip: If you getting problems with the official website, then you can try It is another result publishing websites as an alternative to the official website.

How to Check Your HSC Result on

eboardresults website
Step 1: Visit

The first step to accessing your HSC result is to visit The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it a reliable platform for students to check their results.

Step 2: Choose the Examination Type

Once you’re on the homepage, you’ll need to select “HSC/Alim/Equivalent” as the “Examination” option. This will ensure that you receive the correct results for your HSC examination.

Step 3: Select the Exam Year

The next step is to select the year of your HSC examination. In this case, you’ll select “2023” as the “Year” option.

Step 4: Choose Your Education Board

To ensure that you receive the correct results, you’ll need to select your education board from the “Board” option. This is an important step, as different boards have different result announcements and processes.

Step 5: Select Result Type

The next step is to choose “Individual Result” as the “Result Type” option. This option will allow you to receive your personal HSC result, as opposed to a combined result for a group of students.

Step 6: Enter Your Roll Number

You’ll need to carefully enter your HSC Roll Number in the “Roll” option. This number is unique to each student and is used to identify your results.

Step 7: Enter Your Registration Number [Optional]

While it is optional, you can also enter your HSC Exams Registration number in the “Registration” field. However, this is not necessary to receive your results.

Step 8: Solve the Security Key Captcha

Before you can receive your results, you’ll need to solve the security key Captcha. This step is designed to prevent bots from accessing the website and to ensure the privacy and security of student information.

Step 9: Review and Submit

Finally, review all of the information you’ve entered and press “Get Result” to receive your HSC result. It’s important to double-check all of the information you’ve entered to avoid any mistakes or errors.

Tip: You can learn more Education Board Results User Guide from Pictorial.
Check Your HSC Result 2023 via SMS
Are you looking for a hassle-free way to check your HSC result 2023? Look no further! With just a few simple steps, you can easily get your HSC result right from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mobile phone and a working network connection. In this article, we will show you how to check your HSC result via SMS in a step-by-step guide.

I. Understanding the SMS Method

The SMS method is a popular and convenient way of checking your HSC result. You can get your HSC result without leaving your house, using any mobile phone, regardless of its quality. The SMS method involves sending a message to the Teletalk Bangladesh Limited education board results portal number.

II. Preparing to Check Your HSC Result

To check your HSC result, you need to have the following information ready:

Your HSC exam roll number
The first three letters of your education board
The passing year 2023
III. Sending the SMS

Go to the message option on your mobile phone.
Follow the instructions below to write your message:
Write “HSC” and give a space.
Write the first three letters of your education board. For example, if you’re from the Dhaka Education Board, you write “DHA” and give a space.
Carefully write your HSC exam roll number. For example, if your roll number is 123456, write “123456” and give a space.
Write the passing year “2023“.
Review your full SMS text.
Finally, send the SMS to 16222 from any mobile phone you use.
For General Board: Write HSC DHA 123456 2023 and send to 1622.
For Madrasah Board: Write Alim MAD 123456 2023 and send to 1622.
For Technical Board: Write HSC TEC 123456 2023 and send to 1622.
HSC result via sms

IV. Getting Your HSC Result

Once you have followed the steps above, you will receive your HSC result via SMS. It is important to double-check the information you have provided before sending the SMS to ensure that you receive the correct result.

V. Education Board First Three Letters

For your convenience, here is a list of the first three letters of the education boards in Bangladesh:

Dhaka Education Board: DHA
Chittagong Education Board: CHI
Rajshahi Education Board: RAJ
Jessore Education Board: JES
Sylhet Education Board: SYL
Barisal Education Board: BAR
Comilla Education Board: COM
Dinajpur Education Board: DIN
Madrasah Education Board: MAD
Technical Education Board: TEC
Checking your HSC results in Bangladesh is a quick and straightforward process. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily access your results online and find out how well you performed in your exams. We hope this guide has been helpful in providing you with a clear understanding of how to check your HSC results in Bangladesh.

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