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Deep State Slams Free Speech Pioneer Alex Jones—My Thoughts

I have been asked in comments and emails to share my thoughts on the crippling judgement rendered against Infowars owner and free speech pioneer Alex Jones.

In Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lector asks Clarice Starling of the killer Buffalo Bill, “What does he do, this man you seek?” to which Starling answers ascertainably, “He kills women.”

“No!” Lector replies emphatically. “That is incidental.” And points out that Bill’s killings are merely a byproduct of his true yearning—to covet.

Alex Jones was incidental, an incidental casualty in the Deep State’s war on free speech, its covetous desire to silence all discussion that contradicts White House talking points and the dogmatic view of mainstream media. The farcical trial was never about Alex Jones, not really, and certainly not Sandy Hook. It could’ve been you or me. But Jones, the biggest and wealthiest kid in the room, made an appetizing target—his fame and influence in the free speech community put crosshairs on his back, of which he was aware.

In prosecuting Jones, the Deep State delivered an unadulterated message to persons who dare question official narratives: no longer will we simply cancel and deplatform you, we’ll sue you into bankruptcy and poverty.

The Deep State’s case against Jones was open and shut. He was found guilty before setting foot in courtroom. He wasn’t leaving court unscathed. Even if Jones’ horrible legal representation had magically produced evidence, a smoking gun, that plainly and unequivocally proved beyond all other exclusions that crisis actors were used at Sandy Hook, the court would still have found him liable for damages.

I’ve seen articles trouncing Jones’ defense team, and, yes, his lawyers were among the most incompetent lawyers imaginable. What defense attorney worth his salt “accidentally” sends the prosecution privileged information? In the end, though, Jones could have hired OJ’s ‘dream team’ and still been found guilty, not because he committed a crime but because of the cacophonous message that now reverberates through the free speech community. The Deep State, the liberal lunatics, and the “woke” masses will tolerate no dissension. Conform or else. Don’t question the authority.

For Jones the most immediate authorities were a slanderous prosecutor and the most biased judge in the history of the American legal system. They worked as a team, playing off each other while overruling almost every objection raised by Jones’ lawyers. The prosecution was allowed to enter into evidence statements Jones made opposing Covid-19 lockdowns. How exactly does Covid relate to Sandy Hook? Jones’ lawyers asked that question but were shutdown by a Deep State judge.

In short, Jones was wrongly maligned for practicing his constitutionally protected right to free speech. He expressed opinions and views, and he certainly didn’t kill anyone in Sandy Hook.

I hope a court of appeals nullifies the judgment against him, but I’m not holding my breath, and neither should Alex.

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